BAZAAR is out!

Happy Jewish New Year AND happy release day for Sistanagila BAZAAR! 🥳💿
▶️ Stream it here:

I had the privilege of being the musical producer of this album, an experience that got me digging into the minds and inner worlds of each of the band members, learning from their musical worlds and artistic tastes. I can surely say it’s the most vast and detailed musical production I’ve done to date. To combine all these layers, the variety of counterpoint lines, sound effects, and mixing them together, has been a challenging and inspiring quest.
Since I joined Sistanagila 5 years ago it’s been a marvelous creative journey in which we all brought compositional and conceptual ideas from different cultures and influences, ranging from Classical Music to Folk Music and even Ambient Electronic Music. BAZAAR for me is the embodiment of that journey. A slow-cooked fusion of musical flavors.

I’m super excited and proud of what we created here, an honest representation of Sistanagila’s creativity, diversity, and friendship.

Big up to my brothers Yuval Halpern, Hemad Darabi, Avi Albers Ben Chamo, Jawad Salkhordeh and our special guest Guy Braunstein for playing so beautifully, to the best manager ever Babak Shafian, to Guy Sternberg for a superb mix & master, and to Dreyer Gaido for the release.

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