Excited to join the ReedGeek Family

I am truly honored to join the ReedGeek Family and be featured next to some of my musical idols!

ReedGeek is a brilliant company from California, specialized in saxophone accessories and cutting-edge (get it? 😉 ) reed shapers!

Their sound enhancer, the Klangbogen, is truly something you have to see in order to believe it. I was a bit skeptical before trying it, and boy was I wrong. This is a mindblower! It feels like I have a boost added to my horn, making it feel like ‘riding’ effortlessly and fluently across the whole range with tons of presence. It also stabilized more my control over the altissimo range and added powerful sub-tones to my lower end. The buzz it’s creating is enriching the overtones and the whole horn just feels so powerful, yet flexible! It’s like having an acoustic pre-amp to your horn. I have two of them and it became an inseparable part of my horn!


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