Sistanagila x Philharmonic Orchestra!

Had the immense pleasure of joining forces with the mighty Coburg Philharmonic Orchestra last week, Conducted by maestro Daniel Carter. A series of 3 concerts at the beautiful Landes Theater Coburg.
We had a surreal couple of days hearing our music takes the form of a big orchestral concert at a beautiful classical hall. A new experience for us and also for me personally to play and arrange music for orchestra.
Big respect for the amazing Coburg Philarmoniker, to Daniel Carter and my Sistanagila brothers Hemad Darabi, Jawad Salkhordeh, Avi Albers Ben Chamo, Babak Shafian and especially Yuval Halpern who arranged and orchestrated 13 pieces in 2 months🙌🏻. I also orchestrated a couple of tunes. Videos are coming soon!

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